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WD5 Suffolk & North Country Cheviot offers strong genetics in purebred Suffolk and North Country Cheviot as well as commercial suffolk/cheviot cross lambs each year. 

WD5 started off as a Suffolk specific operation carrying genetics from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  After developing the genetics standards of our suffolk flock we sought after, North Country Cheviots were added to our farm by the youngest Westergaard.  In 2017 using money from previous 4-H project sales Mia purchased her first North Country Cheviot ewe from the All Canada Sheep Classic.   With Mia's love for this breed and the numerous contacts she has made through her sheep ventures she has grown her breeding program exponentially acquiring some amazing genetics from breeders in Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Visit our website and Facebook page to explore our farm and what we have to offer!

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