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Our kids are very engaged in the 4-H program and have been developing and growing their own herds and flocks along side our commercial livestock over the years with purebred Simmental, Angus, Maine-Anjou cattle and Dorset sheep with a few purebred Hampshire’s being added in last year. The flock consists of about 150 Dorset based ewes, mixing in some Romanov and Hampshire in the commercial ewes. Everyone works hard here including the livestock; there are no free rides. We rarely do second chances and cull hard. We have high expectations based on production, fertility, prolificacy, and mothering. Our flock is on a full health vaccination program. With our lambing season starting mid December to late January, our Dorset ram lambs will be ready to breed this fall! We look forward to sharing with you more about our operation and our sheep and learning about yours.     

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