On behalf of Sheep Lake Suffolks, WD5 Suffolk and North Country Cheviot, Cannan Farms & Carpathian Land & Livestock we’d like to thank everyone who came out to see the sheep and have a visit with us and we thank all of those who shopped online at the first annual ADVANTAGE BREEDERS SHEEP SALE. We value all our repeat and new buyers and those who showed interest in our genetics and look forward to building our relationships and doing business with you in the future. Have a great summer!


Sale results:

High Selling ram $1150

High Selling ewe lamb $1600

Rams averaged $735

Suffolk rams average $793

Dorset rams average $669

North Country Cheviot rams average $570

Purebred Suffolk ewe lambs average $998

Commercial ewe lambs average $500


2021 Buyers:

Ramona Wierenga                                   Daniel Ecker

Brett Flanders                                            Henry Ewasiw

Carl Sneddon                                             Fort Pitt Farms

Jeff Schultz                                                  VDH Farms

Sharon Matters                                         Morinville Colony

Roma Tingle                                                Cannan Farms

Jody Harasimiuk                                        Struck Farms

Devery Stachura                                       Dave Campbell

Paul Van Driel                                             Mike Krips

Chrissy Buscholl                                        Warren Moore


CONGRATULATIONS MIKE KRIPS on winning the buyers draw at the first annual Advantage Breeders Sheep Sale!